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It's a Bean Bag Chair
and a Bed!

From the outside our Corda-Roy’s Bean Bag Chairs look like a high quality version of bean bags from the 60’s. But take a closer look and you’ll notice a HUGE difference.

Filled with Shredded Foam
First, every Corda-Roy’s Bean Bag is filled with furniture-quality polyurethane foam. Unlike those stiff, squeaky polystyrene “beans” of yesteryear our foam surrounds you with luxurious comfort. It’s so comfortable you may never get up again! That’s why we call it “the BEST seat in the house!”

There’s a Bed Inside
Next, get a little closer and you’ll notice something so cool you’ll wish you’d thought of it. Every one of our chairs and sofas includes a bed inside. That’s right, a bed.

How Do We Do it?
Well, our covers are removable. Unzip the outer cover and inside you’ll find an inner liner shaped like a mattress that is filled with our shredded polyurethane foam. Simply remove the cover from around the foam-filled inner liner, spread it out on the ground and you have an extra bed to sleep on.

Forget having to inflate some stiff vinyl balloon for your guests to sleep on. Once you spread out the Corda-Roy’s bed and give it a try, you will never want to sleep on another air-filled mattress again. The only downside is that your guests may never want to leave.

Mattress Protectors
So, now you’re probably wondering, “what if my guests drool on my mattress when they’re sleeping?” That’s where our mattress protectors come in handy. Simply slip on an optional, water resistant, breathable mattress protector and you’ll be protected from the dreaded drool.

Easy to Clean
Due to the fact that every Corda-Roy’s bean bag comes with a removable cover, simply wash and dry the cover whenever it’s needed. That’s what we call easy!

Now that you know a little more about our great product, you should also know that our service is equally incredible. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund, less shipping. Plus, we guarantee it for quality and workmanship for a full two years.

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